Drew Barrymore
Drew often called herself a “smokeaholic” but, fortunately, she is not that person anymore. She managed to deal with her drug and alcohol related problems. Hypnosis helped her as well as it did for Matt Damon too.
So, these are just the only celebrities who quit smoking and who decided to have a better and healthier life. Share if you know some other ex-celebrity smokers.

Matt Damon
This Hollywood star smoked for around 20 years before he ultimately decided to kick so it proves that even chain smokers can cope with their nicotine addiction. Probably you could wonder what inspired Mat to make such a serious and life-changing decision. He just saw a video of himself smoking and realized how nasty it actually is and determined to choose hypnosis to help him become a celebrity who quit smoking!
“I should have done it years ago. It’s amazing I didn’t even want cigarettes anymore.” – Matt Damon on his experience with hypnosis